Why the four steps involved in the controlling function are important

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Why the four steps involved in the controlling function are important

At the NFV 20 meeting, a significant step forward was achieved with approval to create the related normative work items. The meeting venue was again the perfect setting for many intense interactions and discussions.

As Technical Manager, my sincere appreciation and thanks go out to all the delegates for the work achieved as well as the excellent collaboration between the working groups.

Yun Chao has worked exceptionally hard to help our work. Anyway, let us highlight a few relevant achievements from NFV And at NFV 20 we completed the technical work for the second round of maintenance of In the first half of the year around change request CR contributions were approved, with similar numbers expected for the second half.

At the time of writing this blogpost, we are still pending on some contribution leftovers being handled via e-mail approval.

This is a measure of the continuing attention being given to our work as feedback comes in from implementation. After approval and publication of the resulting deliverables from this second half of the year maintenance with version V2.

However, it is important to realize that the Release 2 portfolio is not only being maintained, but is growing. It is worth recognizing the excellent spirit of collaboration amongst the different working groups to coordinate and handle the high number of contributions for maintenance of the Release 2 specifications as well as efforts to improve the specifications with the help of our security and reliability experts.

A set of standards aiming to help all industry stakeholders, including open source communities, to reference common foundation specifications that are vitally important to avoid fragmentation and foster interoperable solutions.

As a reminder, among the Release 3 features we are dealing with, some address very important aspects for making NFV truly operationally ready, including but not limited to license management, support of cloud native approaches, network slicing, and multi-site deployments.

Operators requested many of these features because they are seen as being critical for NFV to become a reality at the operational level. Two types of new work items were created. As I had the opportunity to explain in a couple of industry conference tutorials this year, the working groups have been working hard to derive use cases, analysis and recommendations to enhance the existing NFV framework and specifications with new features.

On the other hand, the creation of three new work items to deliver completely new specifications was also approved. With the new work items, now formally created, working groups have the necessary work program framework to undertake the specification of requirements, interfaces, and information model supporting Release 3 features.

Our plan is to start delivering some Release 3 specification results as early as in the summer ofand the remainder by the end of Specification progress Intensive ISG work over the past few months has resulted in the completion of a number of work items in addition to those dedicated to Release 2 maintenance.

Their deliverable drafts will now go shortly for ISG approval via Remote Consensus, and if successful, they will also be published early next year see list below: Next steps With the Release 2 maintenance well on track, and the newly created work items already in place, we expect all working groups to now ramp up their work on the Release 3.

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At the time of writing, working groups are already setting up drafting calls dedicated to progressing specific Release 3 features.

Thanks again to ETSI and to our ETSI Secretariat for setting up the meeting arrangements and rooms, providing us with plenty of coffee and tea, and for organizing a nice cocktail to celebrate our 20th meeting.

May bring us more NFV!Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, .

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Why the four steps involved in the controlling function are important

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