Substance abuse case study in india

Substance Abuse Substance Dependence Addiction 2 A pattern of drug including alcohol use that diminishes the ability to fulfill responsibilities at home, work, or school that results in repeated use of a drug in dangerous situations or that leads to legal difficulties related to drug abuse. What are some examples of drug abuse? What does in a row mean?

Substance abuse case study in india

Substance abuse catching 'them' young Substance abuse catching 'them' young Unable to cope up with constantly fighting parents, a year-old girl started sniffing whitener.

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To ease her sufferings, the drug became a tool to escape reality. Jun 26, Unable to cope with constantly fighting parents, a year-old girl started sniffing whitener.

Though it provided temporary comfort, she got addicted and started neglecting studies. After the school authorities suspended the girl because of her poor performance, her mother found nearly empty bottles of whitener hidden in her room.

Over the last three years, there has been an increase in cases of drug abuse among children in the years age group in the city. As per the data of city-based drug de-addiction hospitalshardly any case of drug abuse among children was reported five years back.

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At a prominent drug de-addiction and psychiatric hospital in Indiranagar72 cases of drug abuses were reported in Similarly, at another drug de-addiction and psychiatric hospital in Aliganj66 cases of drug abuse of children aged below 16 years were registered in Earlier, however, the drug de-addiction hospitals in the city used to receive cases of people aged 18 years or above.

Tobacco and alcohol used to be the most commonly used substances. Expert said, inhalant can cause anemia, heart ailments and liver failure. Besides, they can also lose their sense of smell, memory, experience nausea and nose bleeds," said Rajiv Kumar Srivastava, director of a drug de-addiction and psychiatric hospital in Aliganj.

A recent review article on 'substance abuse in children and adolescent in India' by Dr Manu Agarwal of King George's Medical University KGMU stated that not only in the city, the trend is being observed across the country. Substance abuse is fast becoming a public health problem among the children and adolescents of India revealed the study.

Such children have chemical odor on their breath and clothes and paint or other stains on their face, hands and clothes.

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After using drugs, the child gets irritable, lethargic, inattentive and stubborn, stops talking much, prefers to stay alone, takes a nap more often, has only one or two friends and loses appetite," said Dr Agarwal.lence have been found include India (1), Uganda (), Vietnam (1), and Zimbabwe (3).

Furthermore, a multi-­country study in Chile, Egypt, India and the Philippines identified regular alco-­ hol consumption by the husband or partner as a risk factor for any lifetime physical intimate partner violence across all four study countries (4).

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Substance abuse case study in india

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Dec 21,  · I want atleast 4 case studies of teen drug abuse in India.I tried to search on the net but I could get case studies of countries outside India. Pls refer me some sites from where I could get the information or send me some selected case studies.

I urgently need it for my project. Pls reply me Resolved.

Substance abuse case study in india

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