Educational tour essay

Similarly, the trips we undertake as a part of our student life are also very impressionable. Student life is full of its own share of ups as well as downs and with each one of us constantly trying our best to make peace with all the challenges of our student life, there comes several happy occasions when we are given the opportunity of going on educational tours with our friends as well as teachers. Educational tours play a very pivotal role in not only our student life; rather they also benefit our entire life in more than a single way.

Educational tour essay

May 25, By Anurag Roy Education Tours are very important for the overall development of a student. It gives them an opportunity to learn from their own experiences and from the experience of others.

When a student visits a historic place and learns about the history of that place, it feels as if he is seeing the historic events from his own eyes.

We also learn from the mistakes that were done by historic characters. From Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Kalimpong in the east, our country provides hundreds of places known for architecture, climate, scenery, environment, history, development, industry, culture, music, dance, religion a fauna.

Then, there are seats of learning, which one may like to visit. Short Essay on Importance of Travelling in Education Simply reading books on science, commerce, arts, medicine, management, computers, education, law, engineering, history, architecture, etc.

For having enlightened citizen for a better world-order, we should encourage educational tours in our schools and colleges and thus develop the personalities of the young boys and girls.

It breaks the monotony of life and fills the mind with joy.The importance of educational tour Essay Sample.

Educational tour essay

Introduction The problem of the study therefore is, THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO THE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS OF. Essay on an Education Tour. This year our history teacher organised an educational tour to Bhakra Nangal Complex.

As soon as the school closed for the Autumn Break, we, a party of twenty-five students, set out on our tour for Bhakra. Our teachers of history and physical training accompanied us on the tour.

Essay on a Long Journey by Bus. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Importance Of Educational Tour". An Educational Tour. An Educational Tour: We had our second terminal holidays. We made use of these vacations to see places of historical importance with our teacher. We hired a bus.

First we went to the Qutb. It is now a building of five stories. Two of its upper stories had been brought down. It was built by QUTD-UD-DIN, the first slave king. importance of educational tour, importance of educational tour essay, importance of educational tour for college students, educational tour essay, educational tour Related Post Importance of adult education Adult education is an important aspect of the society that helps the people to be aware of the rights and duties towards the state.

An educational tour is extremely helpful for those interested to gain knowledge and expand their horizons. For instance, if an individual is interested in architecture, he/she might consider going for an architectural educational tour with a travel agency like Dtours India.

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