Cheezy wheezy case

Canterbury Are those frigates you sailed on, ID? I present the XXI Type U-boat, the final U-boat to go into production, and the prototype for every post war submarine. Having been designed and commisioned insuccesses were few maybe even nil. After capturing a number of them the US navy copied pretty much every aspect, as it was far advanced from anything the Allied had.

Cheezy wheezy case

At the risk of further offending the motorcycle Gods, who have already demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they have both the tools and desire to use them to punish moto-hubris, the bike is running even better than it did before its little tussle with electricity.

A top gear blast up MD17 this a. Folks may recall that when I found myself beside the road with a mass of smoking wiring, I briefly considered whether, had I been on a roadside in Tibet, I would have been able to effect repairs in-situ to save my own life.

Subsequent developments have illustrated that had this been the case, I would have made a lovely chewy snack for the Snow Leopards, and someone would have discovered my frozen bones come springtime.

This perhaps requires some further explanation. So after a trip to the house of Manny, Moe and Jack to gather all of the things I knew would be required to repair existing or fabricate new wiring harnesses — flag connectors, heat shrink tubing, and several colors and gauges of primary wire — what became most important was to quiet my mind and achieve the inner peace required to remain calm and mindful in the battle that was to come.

This assumes, of course, that one believes I am not permanently so, but I digress. My mind at rest becomes filled with schematics and engineering diagrams.

Where there might ordinarily be thoughts of poetry there are checklists of repair parts and UPS ship tracking data.

I become nervous and jerky, furtive, distracted.

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I have, obviously, a more than understanding spouse. So I did what any self-aware, mature and responsible person would have done under the circumstances. This, frankly, required all of the effort and self-control of which I am capable.

Other people had to take up the slack with taking out the garbage and the recycling.

Cheezy wheezy case

The beer fridge sits on the end of the workbench next to where the S was waiting, so for those days we inhabited the Oat-Soda-Free-Zone. Then, after those days of introspection and purification, I was ready.

It looks exactly like the Halogen worklights of old, but is superior in a couple of major ways. First, it generates absolutely no heat. Compared with halogen tubes of yore, which ran hot enough to be a source of ignition, and threw enough heat to limit their use in close to a work item, these lights can be placed wherever required — no matter how goofy — without any discomfort or hazard.

I set up a comfortable work area directly in front of the S. I positioned an old-fashioned 33 gallon galvanized steel trash can to my left. The shape and taper allows it to be positioned in confined spaces to support the work during crimping and soldering.

I placed the field bench atop the can and positioned my soldering iron, linemans pliers, primary wire assortment, connectors and heat shrink tubing where they were conveniently within reach. I took a few pictures with my phone, made a few notes, and removed the switch connectors one at a time — fabricating replacements with the appropriate gauge, color and connector types.

The main hot wire which carries juice from the switch to the rest of the bike — ignition, etc — was originally a 14 gauge wire — I replaced it with a heavier Some conductors that were not connected to the switch were also damaged.

Ones where the wires were still ductile I reinsulated with heat shrink tubing. Where the wires had been mechanically or electrically compromised, I cut the damage out and spliced and replaced the damaged areas — insulating both the splices and new connectors with heat shrink.

All told, this portion of the work was proceeding far more smoothly than my initial anxiety had indicated.

After a few sessions of 40 to 90 minutes, everything in the headlamp shell that had been damaged had been repaired or replaced.The Slash 5, running just above 40 mph in third gear, added its own, unique aeromotor drone to the overall hum of a summer evening. The folks that own and work the farmland have a cluster of homes where Poole Road leaves Holter Road, but once clear of their backyards, its out here in the fields.

Cheezy wheezy case

Max And Nudge is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Maximum Ride. Mutant Sounds ( was a music blog that operated from up to , and was mostly run by two individuals: Jim 'Mutantsounds' and Eric Lumbleau (of Vas Deferens Organization/ Sound).From a moment on, it was solely run by the latter.

Cheezy, the chapter President, Uke, the VP, next up was Hula, the Sgt. at Arms, Legend, the Ride Captain and last but not least the VIP of the event, international Nomad, Klink from Kentucky.

I then was introduced to members Mahigan, Diamond, Rig Pig, Pylon & Prospect Darren. “Oh, Earth vs. the Spider,” I cried excitedly out in my (no doubt) shrill and annoying voice. My dad was dubious, doubting that a five-year-old could recognize a movie from about two seconds of footage.

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“There’s a rolling case in the trunk, but my laptop and tote bag are on the passenger seat.” She met his gaze and held it with her own for a few seconds. “Yeah, it was really good, but where was that Cheezy Wheezy stuff? I wanted some of that.” Then he hopped down and ran off in search of his brothers.

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