Business planning and financial modeling for microfinance institutions pdf

This fast-paced course is designed to be highly participatory, with a large amount of hands-on time working in groups at the computer, applying the software to a detailed case study.

Business planning and financial modeling for microfinance institutions pdf

The worksheets and overall structure of Microfin are pro- tected to ensure that errors are not introduced in the model through accidental modification of the formulas.

To allow users to design additional features for the model, a User-Defined Sheet is therefore included near the end of the workbook. This sheet is fully unprotected and can be used, for example, to develop a summarized report format that extracts information from else- where in the model.

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The sheet can also be used to generate supplemental calcu- lations that can then be fed back into the model, such as a com- plex calculation of taxes that does not easily fit into the single input line on the Head Office page. A sophisticated tax calculation section could be developed on the sheet that draws on key out- puts from elsewhere in the model, such as total assets and specific income and expense lines, then applies the tax formula to gen- erate the amount of taxes owed.

A simple formula could then be entered in the tax input line that references this derived calculation on the User-Defined Sheet. Text continues on next page range of financing sources will have greater data requirements than those with few sources.

It is best to have one person responsible for ensuring that the necessary infor- mation is available when work with the model begins, particularly when sched- uling group time to develop projections. See annex 3 for a list of all the data required to complete the model, grouped by the page on which the information is input.

This prevents accidental over- writing of formulas in the model. But it also prevents users from making modifi- cations to the pages, such as inserting a row to add an indicator.

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For this reason blank rows have been included in some sections, such as on the Ratio Analysis page, for user-defined indicators. The structure of the workbook also has been protected, to avoid accidental deletion of worksheets or a change in the order of worksheets, which can destroy some of the formulas.

Because the protection means that new sheets may not be added to the workbook, a blank sheet has been included at the end of the work- book for optional use. This sheet can be copied by clicking on the button labeled add another user-defined sheet.

The protection is required because of the complexity of the model and the many links between pages; without the protection, it would be easy to introduce serious errors in the model. Users who would like to see features added to the model, or who find bugs in the model, are encouraged to send comments to CGAP preferably by email, to cproject worldbank.

These suggestions will be considered for future releases of the model. A number should be entered in every blue cell, even if the number is zero.

Entering data in all the blue cells will generally result in adequate and complete calculations. The optional gray cells can be used to refine projections, such as by introducing changes in the initial assumptions.

Many users may choose not to use the gray cells, but their presence allows tremendous flexibility in finan- cial modeling.

business planning and financial modeling for microfinance institutions pdf

The column on the left side of most pages shows the number of entries made in gray cells. Since most of the optional input cells are off-screen, this column can be useful in spotting the lines where these fields are being used.

Never use the space key to empty a cell. Excel enters a space in the cell, which is interpreted in a different way than a zero or an empty cell. Excel displays data in columns. For large numbers a column may sometimes be too narrow to present the entire number. When this occurs, Excel displays a row of number signs to spot- light the problem.

The solution is to resize the column. But because the work- sheets in Microfin are protected, this cannot be done using menu commands. Instead, users need to click on the auto-width but- ton that appears at the top of each page, which will resize all columns on the page to ensure that numbers are properly dis- played.

If for some reason the auto- width macro fails to resize every column properly, individual columns can be resized by plac- ing the cursor on the cell with the asterisks and typing Ctrl-W, which will start a macro to resize that column.

The columns can help identify entries of spaces, which do not show up on the screen. Never use the Move or Cut and Paste functions in Excel.

Microfinance in Kazakhstan: An Inclusive Financial Sector for All by Massimiliano Riva - Issuu

Although the work- book is protected, these commands can overwrite essential formulas in the spreadsheet, leading to inaccurate results.

And never use the Copy function when copying data between blue and gray cells, as the background color of the cells that are copied will overwrite the original formatting of the cells to which the data are copied. After year 2, Microfin switches from monthly to quarterly projections.

To maintain consistent input across the five years of projections, always input monthly data even when in quarterly columns, except for interest rates and inflation rates, for which input data are always annualized.

Microfin will automatically convert the monthly data into quarterly amounts. Input errors can easily be made in this transition from monthly to quarterly projections.

To spot such errors, graphs should be checked for significant shifts in month The system can be accessed by clicking on any of the help buttons found throughout the model.

To function, the help file Microfin.This paper evaluates how microfinance performed in providing business financing in 27 Sub-Saharan African countries. It uses data from the and Gallup World Poll, a nationally-representative survey of at least 1, individuals per country, conducted in up to countries per year.

The. by Robert Engelman We are far from a world in which all births result from intended pregnancies. Surveys show that approximately 40% of pregnancies are unintended in developing countries, and 47% in developed ones.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Please find a list of our global and regional case studies below. To access the country-specific case studies please click on the round beige (scientific case studies), blue (business case studies) or beige-blue (scientific and business case studies) icons directing you .

Microfinance in Kazakhstan: an inclusive financial sector for all. Planning and Financial Modeling (Technical Tool No. 2, ) Using Microfin replaces the handbook, Business Planning and.

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