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Arts Faculty The Division of the Arts offers programs in art history, dance, film and electronic arts, music, photography, studio arts, and theater and performance. Theoretical understanding and practical skills alike are developed through production and performance in all disciplines. In the course of their program studies, students in the arts also develop aesthetic criteria that can be applied to other areas of learning. Students may undertake the arts for different reasons—as a path to a vocation or an avocation, or simply as a means of cultural enrichment.

Bard college essays

These specializations begin in prison and continue after students have been released, through paid internships and fellowships, specialized training, and career guidance.

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Public Health The Public Health curricular specialization is designed to prepare students for careers in the rapidly changing fields of Public Health, healthcare, and community health.

Students who complete the entire seven-course specialization are proficient in the core competencies of Public Health graduate programs, including research design and implementation.

Urban Farming and Sustainability The Urban Farming and Sustainability program prepares students for careers in farming, food justice, regional food systems, and sustainability.

The program combines traditional academic coursework with hands-on gardening experience and direct civic participation. Computer Science Students preparing for opportunities in the field of computer science, or computer-based work in other fields, can pursue coursework in data structures, computer architecture, programming languages, web development, and media design.

While still incarcerated, BPI students develop teaching expertise and experience through courses and workshops ranging from the history of education to instructor training for the high school equivalency exams. By The Numbers Semesters in a German, Chinese, or Spanish language course sequence 50, Number of credits conferred since 98 Number of students who took a science course last year Extracurricular college life Debate Sincethe BPI Debate Union has met weekly with the college faculty coach to prepare and practice for intercollegiate debate competitions with colleges and universities including West Point, Harvard, Brown, the University of Vermont, and Morehouse.

Arts and Culture Events BPI hosts a number of events within the prisons for students and others incarcerated there. Tutoring Fellows BPI students serve as peer tutors for writing, mathematics, languages, and a variety of other course areas. Fellows are trained and meet regularly with faculty advisors.Bard’s Better Admissions Application Forget the Common App.

Write four good essays for Bard College and you’re in. The Faculty of the Bard Philosophy Program. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Art History Contact information: Email: [email protected] Phone: x Supplemental forms and essays submitted by February 1 will receive priority review.

Once you have successfully submitted all required paperwork, your application will be reviewed. After review, if you are selected as a potential candidate, you will be invited to a phone/video interview and possibly an on-campus interview.

The Faculty of the Bard Philosophy Program. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Art History Contact information: Email: [email protected] Phone: x Writing Fellows take the same course required on the college’s main campus, Composition Theory and Pedagogy, in which they learn the skills of peer feedback and collaborative learning central to Bard’s approach to writing instruction.

Jun 06,  · Bard College, a highly selective liberal-arts school in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, is about to enter the second year of a revolutionary college-admissions experiment: four wickedly challenging essays, 2, words each, reviewed by Bard faculty (who, I assume, enjoy grading papers).

All four essays get a B+ or higher?

bard college essays

You’re in, period.

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